Getting close with social Media

Everyone has a story of their first ever breakthrough moment experienced, I will begin with my own story, which is becoming a full time student at a famous university in Sydney Australia called UNSW (university of new south wales), its sound interesting when I choose to develop my study in public relations and advertising.

On the first day of class, our lecturer Kath Albury and Tom Apperley taught us how online and Mobile media has changed society, relations and marketing, and gave a huge impact on mainstream journalism.

Getting started with Friendster, followed by Facebook, my space, instagrams and path. They are getting famous everyday. Twitter is clearly the next big thing in the past couple years. A millions of personal user, celebrities, businesses and company trying these platforms, especially this information network coming with fascinating packaging that produce more activities.

I will with my own blog this time, wordpress is the site and i will join the account in order to start my own blog. Blogging is one of many ways of learning and researching, blogging will enhance my knowledge and help me to finish my assignments.

Media History

Surprisingly most people thought online media networking has only become available over recent year when the famous Friendster and facebook are showed up in to media. The story of social media began back in 1969, CompuServe was one of the major commercial internet providers in the US and using the technology known then as dial-up and it dominated until 1980 and remained a major player until the mid 1990s ( Online social media becoming more common to communicate information from person to person, sharing ideas and connected world of human from different areas.

Briefly in 2002 the other social media website has found and opened to the public in the US and has grown to 3 millions user in 3 months since the website published. Friendster has a great professional social networking that can be linked you to another people. Friendster was designed to challenge, kind of profitable online dating site (Cohen, 2003). but friendster has changed their mission and vision to more adopters the sites such as bloggers, attendees of the Burning Man art festival, and gay men (boyd,2004), and growth really fast to 300,000 users through word of mouth before they are press released in early may 2003 (O’shea, 2003)

According ( 31 March 2013  a very popular social media was facebook with 1.10 Billion users all over the world  with monthly growing 1.67%, and sharply decreased comparing with monthly growth on 2008 was 178.38% and twitter is in 2nd place with more than 850 million users.

At the end of this first blog I hope this subject would be more fun and I could learn more from the tutorial and the lecturer, and connected to my education level, education experiences and social position.



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