Social media impact on online shopping business ??

How to start a new business, how to implement them, how to create a loyal customers, these are questions that need to be answered by people who want to create a new business. In fact, small businesses must start considering how they can use online sales to enhance and complement their existing sales model, product and marketing, and how about new business online? Has social media influenced people to shop their needs?

These days Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms have changed and are not quite following their initial function. Many of those who are friends of yours have changed their regular posts on Facebook timeline to posts about online shopping; usually trying to sell something. Many people would complain about this new “social interact” on their private timeline or newsfeed, especially when some of their friends who are sellers would tag their name on a picture and try to sell a product which we have no interest in. Well, Facebook’s timeline, Twitter and the other social media platforms are really cool for people, it has some great features that can really improve their business’ online credentials. It is a new discovery for people to promote their product on social media.

We all know that e-commerce is becoming an increasingly important part of the Australian landscape. In fact, Australians have spent a mammoth $13.9 billion online in the past year (, which is a great signal of opportunity for small and medium businesses. In this section we will look at the key-data affecting the business of “online shopping” in social media platforms. “Roy Morgan research in june 2013”

Online shopping has become mainstream activity for all internet users. Price comparison is the leading reason why people like to spend or buying stuffs from online website or in social media platforms.

sonpie Small

The availability of the product it self also encouraging people to check the main website or from the other website available. For most of the buyers, online shopping is a great way to save money, with online shopping you can shop for designer clothes at great price. Save time makes people prefer to do online shopping over the conventional ones. Personally, I prefer to do online shopping to buy product, because they can easily compare the cost of product to find the best deal.

Back to our main topic; why small businesses choose this social media platform to selling their product or sometimes they call it as a “reseller” to promote one brand in social media or internet?

They are few reasons why peoples choose social media online for their new online businesses.

  • All your friends are notified with the newsfeeds and it is usually a massive banner style to promote their product, this eye-catching space is a great way to show their business’s logo.
  • Personal connections on Facebook or other social network influence what their friends purchased. Word-of-mouth.
  • Online shopping is a trendsetter, the more friends people have on their social media, the more effective the advertising is.
  • People can play with any social media tool to create a product and will discover some new opportunities in the process.
  • They can update their product listings or details easily and interact with their buyers directly with message application available on social media.
  • Advertisement on social media is almost free, unless you want to do some intensive advertisements. It’s really effective as you can post or share as many time as you want on your own or other’s timeline, and the same shared message can move around from one’s timeline to another.
  • online-shopping-stats-australia

But wait! Is it safe? This new trend would cause troubles sometime. I have found a research that shows that over 3.8 million Australians have been a victim of credit card fraud or had money taken from their bank account. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are the best tool for cyber criminals because of the ease of access to a vast amount of sensitive private data. It is a good opportunity to remind shoppers about the rules when they are looking at buy something online in social media.

“If you find online shop on a social media platform, make sure they have an official website, which has website details and tracking office in case you need to contact them in the future”

“Always make sure you are in a secure site before entering your credit card details and the company website is trust worthy”


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