Is social media create a networking?

Social media allows us to discover, sharing, connecting and engage with new people of interest. while most people are open to new connections and receiving messages from people they don’t know, there is a fine line between reaching out and “spamming”, the challenge is to make a connectivity clearly and effectively without wasting people’s time.

many of us are trap with this kind of relationship with social media, the connection between a real friends and unanimous friends has changed the main ideas of the social media itself.

the main ideas of social media itself are to stay connected with our old friends, but in some areas in which social media has had lasting, and arguably permanent effect o the way in which we live, the question is, are these changes all for the better?

Networking is an important part of any business building, it is a great way to build  trust, rapport, and establish a publicity, recognised presence. Preditors need to take on a number of tasks that connect their service with arrange of people, and other venues for news, within what has been called the : networked news environment” (Russell et al, 2006) or the “ecosystem of journalism” (Gilmors, qtd in Jardin, 2004).

Firstly, networking can happen any where, you don’t need to be at a business connection to be in your networking mode, networking should become a natural everyday thing. we don’t need a social media to build a networking. Networking is everywhere and all the time, and it is a great way to make people aware of you, your skills, your interesting, and how and to find you. The following step probably will help you network next time you are out and about not create a networking from social media.

Step 1: show passion

Happiness is contagious, your happiness will attract attention from people around you, if you have their attention, it will be easier to convey what it is that you are so excited about.

think for a moment the last time you saw someone smile or jump for joy, i bet you replied with a smile back or at least your thoughts were trained on what it was exactly that made this person so happy.

step 2: share your expertise

Networking is an exercise in relationship building not an imposition on those you are reaching out to meet. so share your expertise and exchange the ideas.

step 3: honestly counts

You must have a willingness to provide value to those who meet you. it cant be all about you and what you are going to get out of the event. your credibility is at stake! You must be sincere and honest when you interact with others at a networking opportunity. Focus on your integrity and your trustworthiness will help you build a network of other people of high integrity.

step 4: Build your network

Who do you want to add your network?what types of peoples and network do you want to associate your business with and how will you focus your efforts to connect with these people?what role will each play in your network. A good networker knows that a real network is a two-way street of helpful relationships. It is all about karma, you help someone and they will help you. Good things come back to those who do good.

step 5: follow up

Giving a follow up call demonstrates that you are a professional committed to your network. Following up after every networking opportunity is critical to the trust process. not only is it courteous but it impresses the heck out of people that you demonstrate loyalty and respect to everyone.

Get the most of out of your next networking opportunities. it is critical part of doing business today whether you are a new business or one with a well establish history and clientele. Go in with attitude that you are building relationship and you are there to give more than you receive.

I think the could not be further from the trust, anyone with the slight test experience of using social media knows that it is about being more social. We are more engage with friends, we are more literate, more connected, more open to create new relationship, and generally more interested in the world around us.

What do you thing? has social media changed a networking around you? how ? for better or worse?


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