Picture and Digital sharing “the evolution of selfie culture”

These days, amateur photographers have many ways to display and share their digital photos to the public. You don’t need a professional camera with complex features to take better quality images; your portable devices such as mobile phone and tablet with high quality camera resolution can do a pretty similar job for you. There are plenty of social media websites where you can upload your images and in some cases you can even upload video clips and then spread them to the world.

Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing, video-sharing and social networking website at this moment. This website allows users to take pictures and videos, apply digital filters to them, and share them on a several of social networking services, such as Facebook and Twitter. The network also allows us to react and give feedback in the form of “likes” and comments.

I’m an Instagram fans and have been with this network for more than a year. After a brief observation, I fell in love with it, and started to upload my photographs I had taken with my own cell phone. I like to share my work and images that reflect my personal life with friends and families; where the number of followers are increasing as the time goes on. This social media doesn’t stop me from using it daily and I do check my account every single minute.

 Instagram led to a very interesting phenomenon that could possibly change the world of photography and then share it all over the world. The only interesting stuff comes from people you care about in real life or from those who are famous or otherwise fabulous enough to post about exotic travels, interesting meals, top designer brands or unreasonable fitness or talent.

And wait I am missing out something?? Selfie !! yeah this phenomenal word has  become more popular than ever since social media is out to the public. What does selfie mean? Selfie means “picture of your self, usually taken by your self and uploaded to a social media websites”. Selfie is particularly popular among girls and young women. They can’t control themselves to take self-photography and publish their picture to the public. Some people view selfies as a symptom of the self-center and become a widely popular technique for taking photos. Even celebrities have adopted selfies as a way to keep fans update through social media, and they can gain more followers easily. One of the latest phenomenal selfies picture from Hollywood celebrity came from Kim Kardhasian. She shared this picture to over 10 million followers on Instagram. And now Kim receives a big online backlash over “inappropriate” swimsuit selfie from her fans and followers on Instagram.  Some of her fans said, “Kim looks good and everything but she shouldn’t be taking pictures like that anymore, she is a mother now”


In this case, Kim probably wants to gain more fans and followers on Instagram, and makes another sensation of her life, so people still can remember her existence in celebrity world.

A selfie is not a selfie without a ridiculous facial expression; the culture surrounding selfies could be fun and cool at the same time. However, in London, UK there is one National Museum of selfies, so all the collection of self taken pictures are there at this museum. Why selfie is so popular these days? The term selfie has been around since 2005 and their style of portrait has been around even longer. But relatively speaking it is still a new phenomenon that continues to explode all over the globe.

Well there is nothing wrong in taking and sharing self taken photos. I think, a lot of people like to share cause they feel more fun and are self-obsessed and don’t care much. They want to show people when they have credibility or something in particular or the moment, as long as your selfie or self –captured will not incriminate you of being sexual or anything, then go and enjoy.

Go and take your selfie picture before this trend brings up some disturbing issues and important questions.


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